2020 Charge Conference Instructions

posted on August 24

2020 Charge Conference Instructions 

It is time to prepare for the annual charge conference meeting for your church or charge. The Metro District staff hope that you will find the information here helpful as you complete this important work. 
Because of concerns for meeting safely, we will not be meeting in clusters. Rev. David Hockett strongly recommends that you plan to have a virtual charge conference, especially if you anticipate having 15 or more persons in attendance. There are specific guidelines for holding an online charge conference at the end of this article.

Charge Conference Help Session

Rev. David Hockett and Ravonda Britt will be hosting a Charge Conference Help Session on September 2, at 10:00am, via ZOOM

We hope you will join us by clicking the link below:

ZOOM Charge Conference Help Session

Submit your Charge Conference Date

BY SEPTEMBER 20, your request for a charge conference (including date, time, format (virtual or in-person) and name of presiding elder MUST be submitted! Click the link below to submit.

Submit Charge Conference Date

ALL charge conferences must be held by November 22. It is mandatory that all pastors be present for their charge conference. 

  • For Elders You may preside over your own charge conference. Your charge conference must be held by November 22.
  • For Local Pastors, Deacons, Provisional Elders, Lay Ministers, and Pastors from other DenominationsYou need to secure an Elder or Retired Elder to serve as a presiding elder to conduct your charge conference. The presiding elder will work with you to schedule the charge conference. Do this early so that they may have it on their calendar. If you need help securing a Presiding Elder, contact the District Office


Remember:  All required charge conference forms must be submitted online BY November 30.  All reports will be online and accessible on your Church Dashboard (https://www.wnccumc.org/dashboard) on September 1, 2020. Contact Ravonda Britt if you need help logging into your clergy or church dashboard.

Apportionment and Health Benefits / Pension figures - You will be notified when these are posted.

Charge Conferences will be held in every church / charge in the district, for the following purposes:

  • To elect 2021 church officers and leaders
  • To approve 2021 pastoral salary and support
  • To approve any candidates for ministry
  • To approve or continue approval of lay servants, lay speakers, certified lay ministers
  • To enter into the Charge Conference record names to be withdrawn from the membership roll
  • The following items of business MAY NOT be conducted at this charge conference without separate authorization:  purchasing or selling property, building programs, or church council restructuring.

As you prepare, think through how you need to schedule committee meetings to complete this work and who needs to help you prepare for Charge Conference. Refer to the current Guidelines for In-Person Worship and Ministry for facilitating committees and ministry teams.
While every situation is different, the administrative council, board, or governing body must approve the pastor’s 2021 compensation and the 2021 Report from the Nominations and Lay Leadership Committee. They can approve other items that will then be presented to the charge conference such as Lay Servants and Lay Speakers, Candidates for ministry, and Names to be removed from the church membership roll. They can approve other committee reports that can be presented to the charge conference and included in the charge conference minutes.

Resources and Quick Links:

Thank you for your attention to the work of the Charge Conference. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the District Office.

Email Ravonda Britt or call 704-525-3395

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