Metro District - Spiritual Academy for Leading Transformation (SALT)

posted on February 06

The Spiritual Academy for Leading Transformation (SALT) is a program designed to identify, inspire, train, and support spiritually-mature lay people, partnering with clergy, to lead effective change in their congregations and communities.

Why SALT: Spiritual Academy for Leading Transformation exists to help laity discover, develop, and fully live into their calling as Transformational Leaders in their churches, communities and globally.


  • Building Stronger Relationships
    ​Interactive, Experiential Learning 
    Bias for Action
    Triangle-Square Leadership
    Baptism is the ordination of the laity 
    Community vs. Solo Heroic Leadership 
    Asset-Based Community Development

Cost is $150 per person if 3 or more from a church attend and $200 per individual if less than 3 register from a church. Scholarships are available.

Saturday Sessions
Participants will gather for 7 Saturday’s for the purpose of interacting around new learning, as well as establishing a community of peers who can help each other translate leadership principles into their particular contexts. The purpose of these gatherings will be to inspire excitement and commitment while exposing participants to excellent training around leadership principles and practices. Exploring topics like Leading in the God’s Kingdom, leading self, leading others, leading change, etc.  Churches are encouraged to send a team of laity.


2020 – September 19, October 24, November 21
2021 – January 23, February 20, March 20 and April 17

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