Mission, Vision and Values

posted on May 01

The Extended Cabinet of the Western North Carolina Conference has been working for over a year on aligning the mission, vision, and values of the conference.  In tandem with that alignment, each District Superintendent has been working with a team within each district to help shape the direction of ministries.  For the conference, our primary ministry foci have been

  1. New Places for New People (New Church Starts)
  2. Revitalizing of Existing Churches (Good to Great)
  3. Identifying and Equipping Leaders
In the Metro District we have had several new church starts in the past few years and plan a new one in 2018.  We have been the first district in the conference to participate in the church revitalization initiative called The Nehemiah Project (at Huntersville UMC).  We have also identified several clergy to participate in the Bishop’s Leadership Initiative.  In addition, we have provided opportunities and workshops within the district aimed at the training of leaders for the ongoing revitalization of our congregations. 

One added goal of the district, identified by our Vitality Team, is to engage in ministries of social justice, as a way of living out our denominational mission to transform the world.  Thanks to a Duke Endowment Grant, this year we are launching a program called the “Racial Healing and Social Justice Initiative.”  Upwards of a dozen small teams from district churches are participating in an intensive effort in education, conversations, spirituality and tool-building toward racial reconciliation and healing for laity and clergy.  Our hope is to continue the effort with another cohort of churches in 2019.

As a Vitality Team we have also adopted the same Values as the Extended Cabinet, and I share them below.  As we continue in covenant together, we will shape these values to reflect the particular context of the Metro District, but want to share them with you now.
Our priority is the mission of the Church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  The local church is the primary arena for disciple-making, and every local church can and should be missional and invitational.  Therefore, the WNC Conference is committed to strengthening the capacity of the local church to fulfill the mission.
 All persons are loved by God and of sacred worth.  In acceptance of God’s gift of grace in Jesus Christ, we commit to a life of personal piety and social holiness in the Wesleyan tradition.
We are a covenantal people connected to God and one another through our baptism.  Therefore, laity and clergy are both called to work together to fulfill the mission and ministry of the Church.
In our connectional ministry, we are called and sent to bear fruit in making disciples who transform the world.  Innovation, creativity and risk-taking are valued and encouraged.  Failure is not to be feared but acknowledged as part of the process of fulfilling the mission and ministry of the Church.

Follow Jesus. Make Disciples. Transform the World.