UPDATED (9-4-2020): In-Person Worship Guidelines

posted on September 08


Dear Friends,
I pray you are well.  I want to express my gratitude to each of you for the good and faithful work you have been doing to continue being the church over these past very difficult six months.  I have been inspired by your online worship services and the creative ways you’ve cared for your people and served your communities.  You all continue to be in my prayers.
We are including below a link to the latest update of the Conference COVID-19 Guidelines.  In light of the recent announcement that NC will be moving to the next phase of reopening the guidelines provide new detail for the possibility of limited indoor gatherings with strict safety protocols in place.
With appropriate safety precautions, smaller groups may choose to worship indoors. We recommend that if you choose to hold indoor worship, you follow Governor Cooper's restriction of no more than 25 persons and follow the safety protocols outlined in the guidelines. You agree to accept the liability for doing otherwise.
Please review the guidelines carefully.  There is a lot of helpful information and a number of links that are designed to assist you and your leaders in making informed, wise decisions.  By carefully following the Conference guidelines we can promote the health and safety of our members and communities and continue to be the church.
Our connection is not perfect.  Just as we pray God will sanctify us and make us holy, so too, we pray that God is at work sanctifying the church.  That said, I am grateful for our connection, that we’ve been here for and with one another over the past six months.  I pray you have experienced the strength and support of our covenant relationship and am grateful for the myriad ways that together we…Do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.
Peace be with you,

UPDATED - Conference COVID-19 Guidelines ?


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